Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned

The Premium Class of Pre-owned Aircraft

Premium aircraft, premium experience and premium coverage - that is the Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned promise. From a meticulous selection and inspection process to the incorporation of factory upgrades and enrollment in Smart Services, we make pre-owned feel like new.

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Excellence You Can Count On

Just like with all new Bombardier jets, Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned aircraft hold the promise of excellence in quality and reliability. It is all of Bombardier’s expertise and know-how as an OEM that customers can count on to access the most exclusive selection of Bombardier Pre-owned aircraft on the market. 

Backed by An exclusive manufacturer one-year warranty*

Backed by An Exclusive Manufacturer One-Year Warranty

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, only the most outstanding pre-owned aircraft will get Bombardier’s stringent and quality-obsessed team of experts’ stamp of approval.

That is why the Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned label, the premium-class of pre-owned aircraft, is backed by an exclusive manufacturer one-year warranty*.

Truly a Premium Experience

When acquiring a Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned aircraft, customers know with certainty that it was meticulously selected and inspected to the highest standards by Bombardier’s team of expert technicians and engineers.


Latest Improvements in Reliability

For further customer peace of mind, each plane is equipped with the latest improvements in reliability through recommended maintenance inspections, service bulletins and upgrades.

Pristine Cabin Conditions 

Pristine Cabin Conditions 

Comfort is also at the forefront of this premium experience as the aircraft is delivered with a pristine cabin having received the utmost care following services that range from a complimentary deep cleaning and sanitization to a fully refurbished interior.

Painted Exterior

Painted Exterior

A Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned aircraft will ultimately combine operational efficiency to aesthetic beauty and its fresh coat of Matterhorn white paint will be the perfect canvas for customers to apply a personal touch with their signature livery.

World-class Aircraft Deserve World-class Support 

Upon delivery, customers can expect that Bombardier as the OEM will stand by its products, providing support at the onset of operations and beyond.

This journey starts with an exclusive manufacturer one-year warranty* and extends to operational support during the first year, just like with a new Bombardier aircraft.

Then, as part of the Bombardier ownership experience, clients can fly confidently knowing that they can rely on the strength and reach of Bombardier’s customer services offered across its worldwide and award-wining support network.

Simply put, customers can rest assured that Bombardier is always just a phone call away. 

Market Report

Introducing Bombardier's Pre-owned Market Report

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*One-year warranty on the airframe.