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Delivering aircraft excellence and innovation together

Maintaining our world-class performance, competitiveness and track record of excellence and innovation requires strong collaboration across our value chain. That’s why we work with high-performing suppliers to build rewarding partnerships based on trust, respect and recognition.

Like us, our suppliers focus on delivering superior engineering, quality and supply chain excellence. They are driven to be the best in their field. Their rigour allows us to concentrate on what we do best – designing and manufacturing leading-edge aircraft at optimal life-cycle cost, while providing an amazing customer experience.

Suppliers by the numbers


product suppliers located in approximately 30 countries worldwide


IGS/non-product suppliers worldwide


Diamond Supplier Recognition Program - Eighteen suppliers recognized for their excellence in 2022

Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Bombardier’s commitment towards a sustainable supply chain
  • Good ethics and a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable business