Committed to your ascent

Our next chapter 

We’ve made changes to our look to reflect our sole focus on crafting the world’s best business aircraft for our customers. As global aviation leaders, we design, build and service aircraft that perform at the highest level and meet the needs and expectations of the world’s most discerning people and governments. 

From a bold new logo to a reaffirmed purpose, to enable leaders who shape the world, our new brand identity reinforces our successful transformation and propels us forward.

A symbol of progress

Our new logo introduces the Mach symbol, which reflects our innovative spirit and strong heritage, and pays tribute to Bombardier’s successful shift toward focusing exclusively on business aviation.

Fusing technology with the notions of customer experience and sophistication, typeface is both modern and sophisticated with subtle serifs that connect to the language of the symbol and highlight Bombardier’s passion for precision. 

The evolution of our logo

Built with people at the centre 

Our new visuals celebrate Bombardier team members around the world who are at the height of their craft, and who are redefining the industry. Their work to elevate the performance of our products and customer service, their drive to build a more sustainable future, is the reason for Bombardier’s success. 

Their heart and mastery is what sets us apart. And what will take us forward.

Our people