Bombardier's Global 8000 aircraft with the new logo and livery

Winds of Change

Bombardier's new brand identity marks a bold evolution for the company.

In April 2024, we marked a historic moment for Bombardier: the unveiling of our new, bold identity. Bombardier now has a new brand that reflects our company’s successful shift to focus solely on business aviation. It’s anchored by a new logo that celebrates our people, our passion and our customers. 

The symbol itself, the Bombardier Mach, features the silhouette of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier and the strokes of wind over a wing as a reference to the company’s heritage and innovation. 

Our new brand marks an evolution, rather than a revolution. Bombardier is a family company that has been around for over 80 years, with a tremendous legacy of innovation, entrepreneurship, vision and passion that has always been part of its fabric. From the visionary snowmobiles invented by our legendary founder, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, to our most recent refocusing on business jets that happened under the watchful eye of Pierre Beaudoin, our founder’s grandson and Chairman, and under the leadership of our President and CEO Éric Martel, this company has always evolved to remain ahead of the curve. 

During this transition, we did a lot of listening. We wanted to understand how the company is perceived by our customers and our employees. What emerged was a realization that our visual identity needed uplifting to better represent what we heard.

The making of Bombardier's new logo
Bombardier's new logo features the silhouette of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier and the strokes of wind over a wing

When we committed to our rebranding journey, many—and I mean many—more conversations followed that informed the way we now present ourselves to the world. The notion of “like family” came back time and again as a true differentiator of our relationships. Emmanuel Bornand, our vice president of international sales, and his team weren’t surprised: “We are Bombardier’s ambassadors with our clients, but also our clients’ ambassadors within Bombardier. The way we see it, there really is no strict separation between us and our clients,” he told me when I asked him what our rebranding is telling our clients. “Our rebranding journey emphasizes that we speak the same language. We are elevating how we address our clients, the market and the world in general.”

What has also emerged from our discussions is a celebration of the crucial characteristic that everyone we spoke with saw in Bombardier: we meet you at your altitude. Frank Vento, our vice president of US sales, enthusiastically agreed: “This is our secret sauce. There are no compromises when it comes to our aircraft. What we do differently from the competition is that we flex for our customers, from corporate fleets to the most discerning individual owners, in a way that caters to their specific needs. We take the time to understand what they need, and then provide it, even if that means developing a completely new solution to fit their purpose.” 

Emmanuel Bornand, Vice President of International Sales, Bombardier

Frank Vento, Vice President of US Sales, Bombardier

It’s not a transaction—it’s a relationship, and it extends way beyond the aircraft purchase. Anthony Cox, our vice president of customer support, and his teams work extremely hard to make sure that the complete ownership journey is at our clients’ altitude. “It’s simple: We value our customers and we strive to go above and beyond. We use every opportunity to build trust and delight by providing world-class factory support, aircraft maintenance, modifications and spare parts wherever and whenever they need us – often even before they need us,” he told me. “This requires constant innovation and utilization of our cutting-edge Connected Aircraft technology, but most importantly it’s ensuring that our customers feel heard and understood.”

Whether you are flying our jet while solving political or business challenges, saving and protecting lives, using it as an extension of your home or office while you’re on the move, or using it to provide an impeccable experience to your own clients: Bombardier enables leaders, like you, who shape the world. 

“It’s simple: We value our customers and we strive to go above and beyond." Anthony Cox, Vice President of Customer Support, Bombardier

Besides the past and the present, we made sure that the new expression of Bombardier also represents our future, especially as it relates to our sustainability efforts and our state-of-the-art engineering. And it represents the passionate, talented employees from all spheres of Bombardier’s activities, who exceed expectations by prioritizing quality and craftsmanship in everything they do—people like the artisans of our Center of Excellence that you will meet on the following pages. 

As we highlight this transformation, we extend our deepest thanks to our readers, clients, partners and the many team members who have contributed their passion and creativity to bringing this new beginning for Bombardier to life. Their talent and skill have been instrumental in shaping this historic moment for Bombardier. 

We are filled with pride, gratitude and purpose as we embrace this new chapter. Let us continue to soar to new heights together! 

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